ICE and South American Authorities Capture 113 Child Abusers | The State

The United States government announced this Thursday that, in collaboration with Brazil, 113 alleged abusers and exploiters of minors were arrested and took action against distributors and producers of child pornography in Argentina, Paraguay and Panama.

“This collaboration of Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE) in the Security Department The national government and its foreign police partners have put dangerous criminals behind bars and, most importantly, have led to the rescue of innocent children, ”said Robert Fuentes, ICE attaché for Brazil and Bolivia, in a statement.

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The arrests occurred between the dayss 2 and 6 November in the seventh phase of the so-called Operation Protected Childhood (OPC VII), started in March 2015 by the ICE investigation division in Brazil with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of police action in investigations into the exploitation of children.

At this stage, the authorities executed in the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, California, Colorado and Florida 13 raids, and made nine arrests for crimes related to the exploitation of minors.

“These actions were executed simultaneously with police operations carried out by the Brazilian authorities and international police partners in Argentina, Paraguay and Panama“Added the ICE statement.

During the operation, 137 raids were carried out in Brazil and there were seven arrests; in Argentina there were 37 raids and two arrests; in Paraguay two raids led to two arrests, and in Panama the execution of seven search warrants resulted in five arrests.

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The report detailed that on November 6, in the city of Raleigh, he was arrested for a federal order a suspect in the production, transportation and possession of child pornography, after the authorities received clues that led to an individual who distributed child pornography in virtual gatherings through the Kik messaging application.

“Investigators located hundreds of images of child pornography, including several images of their own naked children,” the report said.


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