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After having battled depression several times and while enjoying the happiness of being a newly married woman with the man of her life, Helen Ochoa decided to make a gift, as if it were graduation: record ‘Live me’, the theme of Laura Pausini that became that hymn that she sings to herself.

In the music video, Helen can be seen exposing all her beauty, barefoot and surrounded by glass. Some of what she lived in her life, as she herself told us a few months ago in an exclusive interview, when she had to go through depression twice.

Helen Ochoa
Helen Ochoa. Photo: Helen Ochoa

Today she is whole, strong in body and soul, and happy to have married, civilly, with Juan Pablo Santos, the man who for 12 years has been her support, and for a little over a year her manager. And because of all this transit that Helen is going through, she decided to record this song that meant so much in her life since she heard it, years ago, for the first time.

“In these times of COVID, my personal times that I had difficult, it is a song that I feel is very out of the common sense of the song, it is about talking to a person about how much the most. For me it is more like a meaningful thing to love yourself, to say all those beautiful words to yourself, to look in the mirror and say to yourself: ‘Oh, how beautiful you woke up today! How smart you are! How capable you are! ‘”, the brand new wife of Santos tells us exclusively.

That is why this song, which she heard many times, today needed to have her identity and her voice, as a way to sing to herself and whoever needs it.

“It is a representation of that, of loving you, live me, live … It is like a dialogue towards oneself, it is to love yourself or fall in love with yourself again. It is something that is very real to what I experienced in these times. Although there was darkness, in turn there was also a lot of light, because blessed God he enlightened me and I am here, I am alive, with that desire to get ahead and I have not fallen again “Helen says very confidently.

But the singer, who had to go through the tunnel of depression twice, knows that she cannot lower her arms, and that is something she learned from relapses:

“Sometimes I have difficult moments, but I try to remember why I am alive, why I am here, and who loves me and who surrounds me and who wants to see me happy and always succeeding … Nothing would give me more pleasure than if someone Listen, if you are also having a bad time identify yourself, at least for those 3 minutes forget about your problems and love each other a little more, enough to say: ‘Ok, it was only a moment, not my whole life’ … That is my message with the song, and I hope with all my heart that people catch it that way too, and whoever is having a bad time, watch the video, and know that they are not alone. I did it with my heart in my hand “, concludes.




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