Emily Atack acts out sex moves live on stage as she mocks bad one-night stands


Emily Atack has proved that nothing is off-limits on her new ITV series.

The actress, 30, is the star of her new stand-up show named The Emily Atack Show and draws upon her experiences to get laughs from the audience and viewers.

And in the latest episode of the funny show, she too aim at some of her former conquests and mocked how many of her bedroom encounters had been lacklustre.

She recalled how some men have fumbled around with her curves before confidently acting out some of the raunchy sex moves on stage.

Emily Atack spoke about encountering terrible one night stands on the latest episode of The Emily Atack show

Comedian Emily shared: “I am always amazed at how blokes, they kind of manage to keep the self esteem on a night out.

“You know, they leave the house with their freshly ironed shirts, Febreezed their b*****ks, hours later they’re a roaring pack of p***ks and they’re all wearing nothing but those green Borat thongs.

“But we all know that at least one of us is going to go home with one of those sexy little wrong-uns.

“You get back to his house, you get down to it.

She mocked how some men have fumbled around with her curves

The confident beauty also acted out sex moves on stage

“You know what it is like you’ve had a few so in your mind this is what’s going on.”

In a bid to get the crowd roaring with laughter the blonde bombshell then began to seductively touch herself as she writhed about and groped her bust.

Emily then ended the joke with the punchline: “But in reality, we all know this is what is happening!”

Emily shared a sultry snap of her glowing appearance on social media

She then demonstrated some of the sexual blunder she experiences as she then acted out an awkward sex act.

The Emily Atack Show also sees the star pull off some brilliant celeb impressions including ones of This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby and Celebrity Juice co-host Keith Lemon.

*The Emily Atack shows airs Wednesdays on ITV2 at 10pm.


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