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The actual health and nutrition trend promotes following a high protein diet and with a controlled consumption of carbohydrates. Proteins are not only a fundamental macronutrient in diet, intervene in numerous functions of the organism and are characterized by being a great ally in weight loss.

Based on the above in the last months has attracted special attention, consumption of supplements as is the case of whey protein and the truth is that it has become a popular tool one of the most used by health coaches and health fanatics.

East protein supplement generally is available in powder and is highly valued for its health benefits and immense versatility, that is why it is a great ally to enrich all kinds of beverages such as juices and smoothies. It is one of the best alternatives to increase in a way safe and controlled protein intake, between his more curious details it is found that it is a milk by-product, which is left during cheese making.

Serum is considered a high quality protein, this means that it is a source of complete protein it contains the 22 essential amino acids what body requires from external sources. Among the main benefits of consuming whey protein are its qualities for increase muscle mass and promote fat loss.

On the benefits of whey protein for weight loss:

Various nutrition and medicine specialists agree that whey protein is one of the best sources for include in the diet and lose weight; especially in the vegetarian population. While the vegetarians they have some good natural dietary protein options, whey protein is a great supplement. Discover his immense therapeutic potential, not only is it rich to integrate its consumption into the diet it is easy and very healthy.

  • It is a great source of proteins of high biological value, easy to digest. Its consumption is very friendly with the digestive system and promotes the elimination of wastes lodged in the organism.
  • It is a good supplement to keep under control high cholesterol levels. It also regulates the blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.
  • It is ideal for people who suffer lactose intolerance. In such a way that it avoids inflammation and digestive ailments.
  • It is a great ally for promote weight loss, as long as it is combined with physical activity. In such a way that it helps mobilize fat in the body.
  • It is satiating and fights anxiety to eat. It is also a good complement to control the calorie intake and achieve weight loss.
  • Its consumption is one of the most effective allies for increase muscle mass in a healthy way.
  • Is a great full breakfast alternative for days with little time and also a wonderful snack or light dinner.

What is the recommended amount?

For an average woman, the daily protein intake requirement per day varies from 0.75 g to 1 g per kg of body weight. Meanwhile, for men, it varies from 1 g to 1.25 g per kg of body weight. To lose weight effectively it is very important to complement your consumption with constant physical activity, avoid the variants of whey protein that contain any type of sugar and enjoy it with a balanced diet, considering a high consumption of foods rich in fiber.



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