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Omega 3 fatty acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid which has a very important positive influence on the general state of health, as well as on cardiovascular health and on prevention of development of diseases autoimmune.

According to Vitónica, there are some aspects that we must be clear about Omega 3 supplements, such as their format, concentration, and others, which ensure we choose the best supplements on the market.

What certificates to look for when reading the labels of Omega 3 supplements?

First, we have to look on the label for an element that indicates that we are facing a supplement of pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled, and refined.

If you want to prevent disease, you must include vitamins in your diet. Source: Shutterstock

Later, you must look for the IFOS certificate, which is what indicates that the product has passed the WHO quality standards. This is a certificate granted by a third company and measures aspects such as:

  • Levels of concentration, oxidation and presence of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • Dioxin (toxin) levels

Other certificates that can be found on the information label are the Puremax and Certified Sustainable Fishing, although these do not particularly refer to the quality of the product.

You should also find out what the supplement format, that is, how it was obtained. The most commercialized is ethyl esterbut these are the most expensive too. If your pocket cannot afford them, you can choose the triglyceride supplements.

The only ingredient that should be present in all Omega 3 supplements is fish oil or krill. However, vitamin E is another element that you can find without problems since it acts as an antioxidant.

Concentration and presentation of the supplement

An important issue is the presentation of Omega 3 in the capsules, a fundamental detail because that directly determines the amount we should eat to reach the daily dose we need.

Omega 3
Including Omega 3 in your diet is of vital importance. Source: Shutterstock

There are two main presentations, the 1000 mg capsules and the 500 mg capsules. Preferably, prioritize 1000 milligram capsules because with the second you will have to ingest a higher amount of capsules to reach the daily dose.

Regarding concentration, stick with supplements whose concentration of EPA and DHA is in relation 40:20 (400 mg of EPA and 200 of DHA for every 1000 mg). This is the most suitable proportion and the one that facilitates the absorption of Omega 3.

Be careful with supplements that mark a higher concentration. Manufacturers can declare higher concentrations with a certain margin of error, a fact that is not punishable by law. If the concentration does not appear, discard the supplement.

This information about Omega 3 will help you to better choose the supplements that you want to incorporate into your diet and thus generate a positive impact on your body, which is not a minor matter.

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