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The pandemic hits the US with the day of newest cases of coronavirus: more than 136,000 | The State

The country had the day with the most COVID-19 cases reported since the pandemic began, with more than 136,000 new infections registered, according to the John Hopkins University report.

Records for new cases and deaths are being broken almost daily, and experts warn that we are now in the season of a second epidemic of seasonal flu.

This was a brand new for a day in America: There were 136,325 new cases on Wednesday and 1,415 deaths from COVID-19.

Since the pandemic began in the United States, there have been a total of 10,372,481 people testing positive for coronavirus and 240,848 deaths from COVID-19, according to the John Hopkins University report.

A cumulative incidence of 10 million cases corresponds to 3% of the country’s population.

Since the first case reported in the US on January 22, it took 96 days to reach 1 million cases. From there:

  • 1 million to 2 million- 44 days
  • 2 million to 3 million – 27 days
  • 3 million to 4 million – 15 days
  • 4 million to 5 million – 17 days
  • 5 million to 6 million – 22 days
  • 6 million to 7 million – 25 days
  • 7 million to 8 million – 21 days
  • 8 million to 9 million – 14 days
  • 9 million to 10 million – 10 days

The daily incidence in the US is nearly 110,000 new cases per day and continues to rise.

The average daily incidence more than doubled in less than a month, from approximately 50,000 new cases per day on October 12 to 110,000 daily cases on November 9, no signs of slowing down.

Health authorities also report an average of 976 deaths per day, an increase of almost 40% since October 18. It is expected that average daily mortality once again exceed 1,000 deaths per day in the next few days.


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