Impact: Olivier Renard analyzes the Bojan case


Asked to take stock of his team’s season, Montreal Impact sporting director Olivier Renard described the past year as strange and encouraging.

In interview for the show JiC from the TVA Sports network, Renard admitted that there was still a long way to go, so his efforts are focused on 2021 at the moment, even though his club landed his ticket to the MLS playoffs thanks to to a dramatic 3-2 victory over DC United.

“Encouraging,” he said. As it’s been a weird season all around, that sums it up a bit. There are things that are negative, very negative, he admitted. There are positions on the ground where we absolutely have to strengthen ourselves. We are aware of all of this. ”

“But overall, it’s encouraging,” Renard said, “because some young people have shown their way and are showing qualities.”

Bojan: to be continued

The Impact architect was unwilling to confirm Bojan’s return next year. Rather shy at the start of the season, the Spaniard seems to have found his way to go with the Impact.

“It’s true that in the last few meetings Bojan has fulfilled his role as an important player for the team,” said Renard. Let’s just say that at the start of the season, he dealt with injuries and had difficulty finding his place on the pitch. ”

Renard believes that the departure of Saphir Taïder contributed to the trigger.

“It’s true that his place on the pitch is at number 10, where he’s been playing for quite some time,” he observed. Afterwards, I also think that certain decisions helped him to be able to take more sporting responsibilities, such as the departure of Taïder who was a very important player for the club, but who at the same time could cast a little shadow on the field in Bojan by coming a little to his own areas to be able to make a difference. ”

“It was also a bit of a detail when we decided to accept the offer for Taïder,” said the sporting director.

Note that Bojan’s contract comes with an option for 2021. It remains to be seen whether the Impact will avail itself of this option.

“We have had some questions about next year, but we’re going to wait a bit longer, out of respect for the player,” said Renard. There is a date in relation to an option and the first to know about our ideas will be the player himself. “

Quioto sanguin, but appreciated

The acquisition of Romell Quioto, who has scored eight goals this season, has certainly been one of Renard’s great shots since arriving in Montreal.

But the Honduran has not always been talked about for the right reasons. Sent off due to an elbow in the head of an opponent, he did not help his team’s cause against the Philadelphia Union on September 20.

Quioto discussed the move with the organization. His mistake was forgiven. The forward’s contribution is greatly appreciated within the team.

“I know he had a little bloody moment with a red card, but I much prefer a player who from time to time explodes and who, throughout the year, gives everything and has shown the way forward that a player who is soft, who is odorless, colorless, tasteless, ”said Renard.


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