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Carolina Sandoval showed cellulite with a short dress and criticism rained down | The State

Carolina Sandoval, The Poisonous

Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

The controversial expression of Telemundo, Carolina sandoval, caused a stir by posting a photograph on Instagram with a gold and super short dress. Very sure of herself, she showed herself as she is, without excess filters and with her imperfections on the surface.

Sitting at a table, with a blonde wig on her head and her big smile, “The Poisonous” addressed a message to women that he has repeated ad nauseam and is that of “Accept themselves as they are, without being ashamed to show their body.” Just like she does, she always shows off with her roundness, cellulite, natural hair and clean face without a drop of makeup.

Obviously this sparked a series of comments, among which there were many people who criticized her saying that “Enough of showing everything all the time” or what “It’s past vulgar”. They even assured that “You disrespect your husband mercilessly”, but the ex-driver of Tell me what you know he turned a deaf ear as in almost all his publications.

There’s no doubt “The Poisonous” He is happy with life, showing off his body without any guilt and turning his back on comments that threaten his peace. In addition, it continues to grow with its brand of clothing, girdles, wigs and many other articles that it has incorporated and also generating varied and current content for its social networks.

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