With tremendous dental floss, Carolina Sandoval and Yudy Arias, Maluma’s aunt, did a whole yoga routine | The State

Wearing microscopic bikinis, Carolina sandoval and her friend and aunt from Maluma, Yudy Arias, They threw a yoga routine but not like any mortal would do it but with tremendous dental floss, which left their rear guards in sight, in addition to their other attractions.

From Yudy, We already know that she is an expert in fitness and especially in this discipline that seeks to calm the mind while exercising the body taking care of breathing. That is why she has a fat-free and very toned figure. On the contrary, the ex-driver of Loose Soup has always stated that she is not very fond of exercises, so she herself decided to qualify her resistance as “Rusty”.

Even so, the Venezuelan carefully followed all the positions indicated by her friend and many were delighted as she showed off her powerful curves. The same, as is customary in the comments section of the account Instagram from “The Poisonous”, strongly criticized her for her daring and even called her “Jelly”.

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