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President Trump says he will continue his legal battle in court.

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President Donald Trump He is still on a political campaign in order to “Save America.”

According to the New York Times, the outgoing president of the United States plans to allocate money from his donations campaign “Let’s defend the election” to fund his future political endeavors through the group “Save America.”

The informationn says that the group will be used to cover the expenses of his activities once he leaves the presidency. Donors will be limited to a maximum of $ 5,000 per year.

The Trump campaign has inundated supporters with text messages and emails about suspected election fraud without proof. In this, donations are requested for the “fund for the defense of the elections”.

The fine print of the campaign said that 60% of the donations would be used to pay the debts of what has been Trump 2020. However, the text changed this Tuesday and now ensures that the funds will be used in “Save States United”. The other 40% is for the Republican National Committee.

Trump can use the funds of the new group to finance other candidates, finance your travels, surveys and recruit staff for your political team.

A Trump spokesman told the Times that the mogul planned to create the group regardless of the election outcome.


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