Systemic racism shouldn’t be taught in high school, says PSPP


Systemic racism should not be taught to high school students, says Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

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He therefore calls on Télé-Québec to remove from the “In class” section a capsule that discusses this concept that the Legault government still refuses to recognize exists, at least in the province.

“I, at the last I heard, never heard that within the Ministry of Education, we took a new direction in which we teach these concepts in high school. [Mais] I think that the capsule must exist, then we can discuss it. That’s a democracy, ”Paul St-Pierre Plamondon said at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Quebec solidaire education spokesperson Christine Labrie believes instead that it is not up to politicians to decide what should and should not be taught in school.

“Systemic racism, whether taught or not, there are young people who experience it. So I think we have to talk about these issues, “she said, however.

In the controversial capsule of just over five minutes which is presented in the “In class” section of the Télé-Québec website, it is stated from the outset that the concept of systemic racism is the subject of a discussion. incomprehension.

“We would confuse the word ‘systemic’ with ‘systematic’. We would deduce that that means that all whites are systematically racist, everywhere, all the time, ”says Maïtée Labrecque-Saganash, one of the hosts of the capsule.

But the content was not created as part of the school curriculum, even if it is presented in the “In class” section of the website, insisted Catherine Leboeuf, head of the public relations and press department of Télé- Quebec.

“Télé-Québec en classe offers our content, content that we already have, to allow teachers, parents and students to understand certain concepts. So they took those capsules back, ”she said.


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