Molly-Mae Hague shares horrible truth about fillers as she embraces natural lips


Molly-Mae Hague has finally embraced her natural lips after admitting she wasn’t sure about getting her filler disolved.

The former Love Island star, 21, has revealed that ditching the ‘horrible lumpy’ fillers was ‘the best decision’ she’s ever made.  

Last month, Molly-Mae admitted that she’s attempting to ‘reverse’ the drastic changes she’s made to her appearance after injecting her face with ‘unnecessary filler’. 

Now that she’s finally confident and content with her natural beauty, Molly-Mae has been showing off her natural lips – and she couldn’t be happier.  

Taking to Instagram during a candid Q&A with her adoring fans, the reality TV siren opened up about swapping her ‘lumpy bumpy horrible fillers’ for ‘thin lips’.

Molly-Mae is loving her new pout

Molly-Mae thanked her followers for their kind words about her new look, before she added: “You guys have been so nice about my new lips, you can’t really see because I’ve got so much lip liner on.  

“But yeah, I’m just trying to get use to them.  

“I do not miss my lumpy, bumpy horrible filler! 

The Love Island star says her lips were ‘hard’ and ‘lumpy’

Molly has been praised by fans and friends for ditching the fillers

“It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done, it will just take me a while to get used to them.” 

Earlier this year, the YouTube sensation insisted she “hates herself” for thinking she needed to in any way alter her appearance to feel more confident. 

Molly-Mae explained she had been trying to make her jawline more pronounced but she admitted the fillers left her looking “worse”.

Addressing the topic on social media at the time, she explained: “In the long run it [fillers] makes you look worse. I was trying to sharpen this area here. What it did was make it look bigger.

The blonde beauty wants to embrace her natural beauty

“But, my advice to anyone thinking of getting it, is: don’t. You don’t need to. But everyone needs to make their own decisions, I just wish I’d never got into that whole stupid filler craze.” 

Molly admitted that she had come under “intense scrutiny” and felt is was time to revert back to her natural beauty.  

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