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Manuel Mijares clarifies that the collaborations that his daughter Lucerito has had with him and the duet with Lucero in the concert that his mother offered online a few days ago, are not an official launch of his heiress to the music scene, since the 15-year-old girl is still he does not know what the future holds.

“It was because we like the way she sings, she likes to do it, but at no time is it a release, far from it. She is at her school, calm, doing classes, scolding me every day.

“First that she finishes studying, she will decide at the time when she is ready; I think he is going to dedicate himself to something that has to do with music, whether it be production or I don’t know whether to sing ”.

The Mexican singer was very excited to see mother and daughter on stage performing the song “Gloria a Ti” during Lucero’s concert.

“What they did with their voices was extraordinary for me, I loved it, it was a very special moment. They hadn’t sung together, they hadn’t done anything together or recorded together and they did it very well, apart from that they are both the same; They laugh the same, it was amazing! ”.

Mijares presents his album “Merry Christmas!” in which he includes the song “Mi Universo”, a duet with his daughter Lucero.

There is a very special song there that I sang with ‘La Beba’, my daughter, and I put that song in because in the first communion of ‘La Beba’ Lucero and I sang it. Well, I half sang it to you because you get the knot and I sang it half.

“It is a very special style (of his daughter) because it has things from Lucerito and things from me.”

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