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Some days ago Federica Quijano revealed that she was going through a strong depression after her best friend died in the middle of last month and after having dedicated a small offering to her on the Day of the Dead, now she organized a party in her honor without imagining that something very special would happen there.

Through her Instagram Stories, the Kabah member showed a series of videos of the celebration, which took place at her home and was attended by close friends of the woman named Pili and just when the mariachi began to play the songs that most She liked them, a small butterfly appeared and settled on the singer’s finger.

“I received a very special visit, look at this. They are one of those things that you cannot explain to yourself but that fill your soul and heart. Here you are with us my Pili, I have no doubt that it is you. I did everything you asked me to do and we hired you the best mariachi to play your favorite songs “Federica wrote along with the shorts.

To end the tribute, the singer and her companions planted a tree in her garden as a symbol that her best friend is now starting a new life away from all suffering. He also adorned a small wooden bench with images of Buddha, quartz, candles and a large portrait of her to remember her.

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