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New Jersey Restrictions Impose As COVID-19 Cases Increase To 2,000 Daily | The State

The governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy announced a series of new restrictions on the Garden State, after registering an alarming increase in coronavirus cases, which had skyrocketed over the weekend and on Sunday they were reported 2,000 new infections, compared to 375 that were reported almost daily during August.

The measures, which they are not full closures, but a reduction in hours, will begin next Thursday and contemplate that now restaurants, bars and nightclubs, will no longer be able to offer food service inside their premises between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

“We will take a few steps, but they won’t come close to what we were doing in the spring,” Murphy said during an appearance on CNBC. Later he added: “The last thing we want to do is close our economy and fortunately we are not at that point. “

The Governor explained that the outdoor service of the restaurants “will continue as it has been until now, and can continue to be offered after 10 at night. Another change allows restaurants to place tables within 6 feet (2 meters) apart if between each one they place a barrier, such as acrylic sheets.

Murphy also indicated that now indoor interstate sports will be prohibited for elementary and high school students, although those restrictions will not affect professional or college sports activities.

“Second wave is here”

In his daily press conference to update the coronavirus pandemic, the state president said that it was necessary to recognize “that the second wave is here. This is our reality ”.

And when referring to the news about Pfizer, which announced Monday that it had already succeeded in developing a 90% positive coronavirus vaccine, Murphy said that despite the initial good news from the drugmaker, New Jerseyans should remain vigilant, predicting that the United States is potentially “More or less” six months before the virus is under control.

Murphy recalled that the pandemic has already caused the death of 14,629 people in the Garden State since it started in March.

And the new measures are mainly due to Health officials having said that indoor environments facilitate the spread of the virus compared to outside. During the hours they are allowed to be open, bars and restaurants will remain subject to restrictions that limit capacity to 25%.

For their part, casinos must also stop providing food and beverage services at 10:00 pm.


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