Energy transition: civil society presents its roadmap


The Common Front for Energy Transition (FCTÉ) unveiled its Roadmap for Quebec’s transition to carbon neutrality on Tuesday.

Bringing together more than 90 citizen, environmental, union, community and student organizations, the FCTÉ created in 2015 is proud of the “essential contribution” of civil society to the reflection on ways and means for dealing with the climate crisis. .

The 124-page document proposes a “coherent and transformational approach” and is based on the “empowerment” of relevant actors at government, organizational and citizen levels.

The first phase of the Roadmap outlined in September 2019 provided for a social dialogue project entitled “Québec ZéN” (zero net emissions).

“The proposals developed and the consensuses established during this social dialogue will serve as an anchor for phase 2,” Collectivités ZéN “, which aims to encourage a multiplication of the processes of just transition to carbon neutrality in the various regions of Quebec”, the Common Front said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Faced with the climate emergency, it is the turns we are taking today that will make the difference. […] it is imperative to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible, ”said Jean-François Boisvert, member of the Montreal Climate Coalition.

“The Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality in Quebec therefore comes at a crucial time to guide our actions in terms of just transition in order to multiply its positive impact for the environment and society,” said Anne Dionne for her part. , from the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ).


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