Dia Mirza: I hope this Diwali gives us the opportunity to shine the light within


Dia Mirza has a special connect with the festival of lights because of her name. And this year, the actor is keeping it all low-key and planning to stay home and introspect, which she recommends others to do as well.

“Staying at home and spending time with family is what I’m going to do. It’s a good thing that there are no parties. It’ll be a peaceful Diwali. I hope it gives us the opportunity to shine the light within. We need to really draw our consciousness and awareness towards what it truly means to be blessed with light and knowledge,” the actor shares.

Talking about the importance of dispelling all the negativity around, the 38-year-old says, “I truly wish we realise how blessed we all are. I hope we can work together and come together collectively and make a difference in lives of other people.”


The actor-producer — also the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, adds that this year, one needs to be all the more careful and keep it a green Diwali because of the pandemic.

“It’s important to keep the environment and pandemic in mind because both aren’t mutually exclusive. This pandemic has been an indicator of what scientists have been telling us and that is health and environment are intrinsically connected to each other. With the pollution, which happens this time of the year, increasing and the fact that it makes people suffering from Covid even more vulnerable, it’s alarming. It’s something that we need to take stronger cognisance of now more than ever before,” she explains.

So, what’s the best way to celebrate the festival this year? “Now with the pandemic in mind maintain social distancing and keep it within family. Try and avoid too much interaction with people. This is a sensitive time and you need to remember that we are amid a pandemic,” she says.

Mirza has a word of caution for all those who are taking things lightly. “Escapism and apathy and ignorance isn’t going to help us. We’ve to be more responsible towards our own health and that of our families,” she concludes.


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