Trump’s economic message got through


If Donald Trump succeeded in rallying more than 70 million Americans despite the defeat, it is because he was “very clever” to attract a part of the electorate who feels neglected and for whom the outgoing president “represented a form of security ”.

The Republican billionaire and future former White House tenant should not have been in the running for a second term, according to the massive polls released during the campaign.

The aggregation site for polls and election predictions FiveThirtyEight even predicted resounding victories for Joe Biden in several key states.

  • In Pennsylvania, the state and national poll averages gave Biden a 7.3% win on October 11.
  • The day before the election, the Democratic leader held a 7.9% lead over his Republican rival in Michigan.
  • And the lead of the new President of the United States was 8.6% in Wisconsin at the end of October, according to the site FiveThirtyEight.

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were narrowly won by Biden. On Saturday afternoon, its lead in those states was 0.5% and 0.6% respectively. Michigan turned blue, but by a more comfortable 2.6% margin. The Democratic candidate for his part had collected more than 74 million votes, as of Saturday evening.

“We have a Republican president who is very good at targeting and getting his customers. And it was effective, that is undeniable, “summarizes Élisabeth Vallet, specialist in American politics and director of the Geopolitics Observatory of the Raoul-Dandurand Chair at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

And his clientele, Donald Trump won it over especially among certain groups of American workers, for whom the economy was an important factor in choosing their candidate.

“When leaving the polling stations, one of the predominant concerns, especially for those who voted Republican, was the economy,” recalls Ms. Vallet.


Michigan, for example, with its auto workers, has not forgotten Trump’s renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The new deal (the Canada – United States – Mexico Agreement), which came into effect last summer, will help secure well-paying jobs.

“Trump went looking for people whose lives might have improved or others who thought their lives would get better. And in times of crisis, it is rare that we choose the unknown. However, Trump had succeeded in his words to define Biden as a stranger, “says Ms. Vallet.

A “man of the people”

Describing Donald Trump as a man with “absolutely incredible mastery of the slogan,” the American political expert believes he succeeded in “pulling out a vote that was not out of the ordinary.”

“He managed to pass himself off as a common man, which Biden is initially. Then he managed to pass him off as an elite. “

” [Trump] represents a form of security. Biden was kind of a stranger because he was less seen on the pitch. “


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