On the run to make other victims

Images obtained by The newspaper show the Halloween killer presumably running away from the first crime scene by jogging before taking the rue de Buade, where he attacked a couple.

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After parking his vehicle near Château Frontenac on Halloween night, the man drove through Place d’Armes to attack a first victim, François Duchesne, 56, for free. This attack took place just in front of rue du Trésor.

Carl Girouard

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Carl Girouard

Images captured at 10:22 p.m. on rue du Trésor show Carl Girouard running down the small alley, jogging. The 24-year-old man dressed in black is then seen holding his gun in his left hand.

At the intersection of rue de Buade, the killer slows down and seems to be looking to the left before walking to the right. The nine-second video shows the accused’s only passage on rue du Trésor.

Video about de Buade

A second surveillance camera video, however, shows another scene, much more disturbing, which this time occurs on the rue de Buade. The camera, which points in an easterly direction, that is to say towards the rue des Remparts, is filming a man and a woman strolling on the sidewalk.

According to Steven Wong, owner of Wong Restaurant, the footage shows the pair of friends leaving the camera view. However, ten seconds later, another couple passed in the distance, then, “all of a sudden”, began to run in the direction of the rue des Remparts.

Mr. Wong explains that the assault took place out of view of the camera as the man and woman walking on the sidewalk reappear in the image seconds later. “They were coming from across the street for example,” he says, “the girl tried the door [du restaurant] “.

The door in question was however locked. The duo therefore resumed their course presumably to the Frontenac staircase, where good Samaritans came to their aid.

Walk towards the ramparts

The killer then reappears in the image. “You see the murderer walking calmly and, at the end, we see his legs descend towards the ramparts”, says the restaurateur.

As in the Rue du Trésor video, the man has his back to the camera, but it is possible to see the weapon while he puts a hand to his face. “The costume really looks like an Assassin’s Creed genre,” Wong concludes, referring to the hero of the famous video game.

The images also establish that the accused then took the rue des Remparts.

According to information collected by The Newspaper, he allegedly attacked two people, including the 19-year-old victim Gilberto Porras at the intersection of rue Hébert.

A few meters further, he crossed the path of Suzanne Clermont, who was smoking a cigarette. When he saw the footage, Mr. Wong obviously passed them on to investigators.

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