Suicidal insufficiencies


This week, a Léger poll conducted for the Pacte pour la transition revealed that 68% of Quebecers consider that the actions of governments are insufficient in response to the climate emergency.

And for good reason !

The planet is burning and we spray it with gas and oil! These fossil fuels will soon pass through beautiful brand new pipelines, funded with our money.

However, this is not what the people want. She is much more aware of environmental issues than two years ago. You can read it in this poll, as it does in the pages of this journal over time.

From words to deeds

Two years ago, at the initiative of Dominic Champagne, we strongly launched the Pacte pour la transition. This initiative ends today as scheduled.

Never in the history of the environmental movement in Quebec have so many citizens formally committed to changing their behavior and putting pressure on governments.

There have been actions taken in thousands of homes, schools, businesses and other organizations. Several elected officials have also changed their speeches … but not enough their decisions!

However, they should do so knowing that 81% of Quebecers consider that the fight against climate change must be a priority for governments in their post-pandemic economic recovery plan. This is what the same poll reveals.

While COVID is a priority right now, we know that to prevent other pandemics like this one, we must respect planetary limits. This is also what is needed to prevent climate change.

Governments have a duty to protect the health and safety of their people. That’s why they need to do so much more for the environment.

The time has come to take actions that are consistent with the world we want to bequeath to our children and to all those who will follow. The solutions are there. What are we waiting for to implement them?


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