Ruth Langsford ‘slags off’ celebs over kebab with Eamonn after showbiz events


Ruth Langsford says she and hubby Eamonn Holmes often leave glitzy TV award ceremonies and then scoff at celebrities they don’t like back at home over a kebab.

The This Morning and Loose Women presenter admitted there is a lot of fake niceness at showbiz bashes – and they unwind by telling the truth.

Ruth, 60, said: “After award ceremonies, Eamonn and I end up in a kebab shop. Or a drive-through McDonald’s, as they never feed you at those events.

“I always have to go in my finery, I am in my long frock and say, ‘Chicken kebab and chips, please’.

Ruth Langsford with husband Eamonn Holmes

“The best part of the night is we get home and sit and slag everybody off. It is like we can go to a dinner party, we can go where we don’t know people that well. We do that ‘Great to meet you, lovely’.

“Then we get in the car and [Eamonn] will go, ‘That guy, what a tosser’ and I am like ‘Couldn’t stand him’. So we like and dislike the same people.”

Speaking to Kate Thornton on the White Wine Question Time podcast, Ruth also told of how she stood up to a sexist colleague early in her career as a transmission worker.

They ditch showbiz events to munch on kebabs and talk about celebs they don’t like

She said: “I used to make 12 mugs of tea at 9am and 11am.

“I remember taking this tea around and a guy pinched my arse.

“I literally put the tray down, slammed his tea down so it slopped and said, ‘If you ever touch me again I will break your f***ing arm’.”

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