Madhurima Tuli: Bollywood is not such a welcoming place, it is harsh

Conversations about how Bollywood shuns people who come from outside the industry, have been dominating for a while now, and Madhurima Tuli agrees that it’s indeed true. The actor, who’s among many to have transitioned from TV to films, feels that there are indeed prejudices that exist.

“The transition from TV to films was not very difficult but then of course when I started a film career, I was doing TV and people said that if you’re doing TV, you cannot do films. So, I was always very scared thought since I was doing TV whether I’ll get a film or not,” shares Tuli, who has starred in films such as Baby, Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015) and Naam Shabana (2017).

There’s also the whole TV actor tag that one has shrug off while making a career in films, feels the actor.

“The tag happens because you’re playing the part for almost three to four years, non-stop. So, people see you like that particular character and it becomes difficult to be seen in some other character after that show,” she explains, adding that the only way to break that image would be to take a break, groom yourself, change your look and then try for films.


However, Tuli says that having a TV background is of a great help as it prepares one well. “The tough shooting conditions helps an actor to a great deal while doing TV and that comes in handy in films too,” she adds.

An ex-Bigg Bos contestant, the actor admits that it’s not easy to have a career in films as one has to go through a lot to prove oneself.

“Bollywood is harsh; it’s not such a welcoming place. You really have to prove yourself to stay there. And I think it takes time so you’ve to I guess just focus on your work and keep believing in yourself. Once you lose your belief, then I think you cannot survive in this industry because it’s difficult to survive here,” points out the actor.

Her personal experiences, Tuli shares, has been a mixed bag so far. “It has been on and off, honestly people have appreciated my work and there are people who haven’t entertained me also. I feel blessed and lucky. I’m happy with however it is going for me,” Tuli says.

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