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Bebe Rexha Proudly Flaunts Her Swimsuit Body In New Unfiltered Video: ‘Yes I Got Thighs, Okay?’

Bebe Rexha clapped back at ‘nasty’ paparazzi photos with a gorgeous video of herself rocking a Fendi swimsuit, all while embracing her ‘stretch marks’ and ‘cellulite.’

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Bebe Rexha, 31, showed off what she “really look[s] like” to fans. The “Baby, I’m Jealous” singer didn’t feel like paparazzi photos of herself taken at a beach in Cabo San Lucas with her boyfriend, Keyan Safyari, were an accurate representation after surfacing on Nov. 3. So, Bebe put on the very same $325 “Greca Key” Fendi swimsuit that she wore in those pictures and revealed what her true body looks like in a series of Instagram videos — no weird paparazzi angles or lighting.

“Okay, so I went to Mexico and paparazzi posted some pictures of me. So I wanted to show you what I really look like,” Bebe announced while filming her swimsuit body in a mirror. She continued, “Yes I got thighs. Yes I got a–. But here’s what I f—ing look like in my bathing suit.”

Bebe showed off her backside for another video, adding, “Here’s my body. No filters, okay? I got ass, I got thighs, okay. Not those nasty-ass pictures they posted of you, what the f–k?” She then opened up about embracing her natural features while filming another clip on the couch. “It’s just really hard because I find it hard to love myself sometimes and like when you see yourself looking like s–t. It’s like, yes I got stretch marks. Let me show you. I got stretch marks. I got cellulite, all of the above,” Bebe said, who zoomed in on her tiger strips that all women have.

Bebe Rexha poses at the 2019 CFDA Awards. (Photo Credit: AP)

Bebe is proud of her body, since it’s all natural. “I don’t do surgery. I’ve never touched my body. Never done lipo[suction], never done any of that stuff,” Bebe clarified in another video. “I’m trying to be healthy and respect what God gave me. And I like to eat and I also take medicine that makes it really hard for me to lose weight.”

Bebe then pulled up the paparazzi photos on her computer, saying, “I mean look, I’m thick. I’m a thick girl. I’ll take it. That’s how I was born. Like, I always had thighs. I always had a small waist…Always. Even when I was a little girl. But these pictures? Like, what the hell is –” In another video, Bebe continued to analyze the swimsuit photos and said, “I don’t know. That’s not what I look like. I guess that is what I look like ’cause that’s how they took it but this, I don’t know.”

While Bebe proudly embraces every inch of herself, she admitted that “self-love is a constant task” while speaking EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife in Aug. 2019. “I think it’s about going through a phase. You don’t just wake up and think, ‘I’m a bad b**ch.’ For me, it was a journey, and there was a point where I just really didn’t like myself and I would say mean things to myself,” the chart-topping singer told us, who added, “You have to learn how to say nice things to yourself.”

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