Molly-Mae Hague breaks down in tears as she discovered her mole was cancerous


Molly-Mae Hague said she was in tears when she found out the mole she had removed on her leg was cancerous.

She’s urging her legion of fans to get their moles checked out after suffering a cancer scare.

The former Love Islander, 21, was left “upset and angry” as she discussed what happened with her mole in a new YouTube video.

She learned it was a type of skin cancer – malignant melanoma – during a work trip to Italy.

Molly-Mae said: “I cannot believe I was told by others doctors it was OK. I am so upset and angry. I just briefly asked this doctor when I was walking out. I was walking around with skin cancer on my leg.

“If I hadn’t of asked, I’d still have that mole on my leg now and I’d be none the wiser. It could be spreading through my body, you just never know.”

The influencer first got the mole checked out a couple of weeks ago by two dermatologists, but was reassured it was nothing to worry about.

However worried Molly-Mae eventually got a third professional opinion during a routine check-up as she felt something wasn’t quite right.

Molly-Mae Hague was distressed as she spoke about finding out she had cancer

She said her mum first noticed it while she was on Love Island and it had since got bigger.

Talking about the scary experience in her new video, Molly-Mae explained the third doctor instantly told her to get it removed.

The social media star was joined by boyfriend Tommy Fury as she made her way to the hospital for surgery.

She showed off the cancerous mole on her video

Prior to her new vlog, Molly-Mae had briefly told her fans about the changing mole before she knew it was skin cancer, as she told her fans on Instagram : “Never ignore changes to your body.”

Speaking in the video, the star added: “I was quite mortified by the fact that I put it on my Story being like, ‘This mole is fine. I’ve had it checked,’ and then a week later, it’s not fine.

“I’m making you guys aware that mole was not fine. If you have a mole like that ignore my judgement of saying it was fine, it’s not. It needs to come off.”

It has scarred after she had it removed

Twelve days after her surgery, Molly-Mae was told some devastating news by her doctor while shooting for a campaign in Italy.

The starlet discovered she had malignant melanoma after it went through some tests.

“I got the call today and he’s told me it is malignant melanoma – which is skin cancer basically. It’s obviously petrifying, shocking and scary,” Molly-Mae explained, adding: “I don’t even know what to think or say.”

She was on the phone to her doctor

Admitting she “had a bad feeling” about the cancerous mole, Molly-Mae continued to air her fury after two doctors believed it was nothing and that she was “walking around with skin cancer on her leg”.

The heartbroken reality star said she had burst into tears and told her family members about the news as soon as she found out.

The reality star was on a work trip when she found out

She didn’t let the news ruin her day as she carried on with her photoshoot but she learned she would need further surgery.

Molly-Mae later explained her surgery had been cancelled as doctors were unsure whether it was the skin cancer in question and needed to confirm it with results.

The star is expecting to receive the results in three weeks as her mole is being flown out to specialists in America.

She revealed she’s cancelled all of her work for the next two weeks as she waits for an update about her cancerous mole.

Molly-Mae has urged her fans to get moles checked out if they change

At the end of her video, Molly-Mae encouraged her 4.9 million followers to get moles checked out as she highlighted the importance.

“The main message of this vlog that you need to understand is to get your moles checked,” she said. “I cannot stress this enough. Use your initiative and be smart. If I hadn’t I could have been in serious trouble.”

She warned: “Don’t ever think it’ll be someone else’s story. You know when you see things on Instagram or on the news where you think, ‘That’s just someone else’s story it could never happen to me’. Guess what, it happened to me.”

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