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J Balvin’s father breaks the silence and talks about his son’s depression | The NY Journal

After having revealed the reason for his distancing from social networks, the reggaeton J Balvin did a “Live” in which he explained the reasons for it.

“If they have seen that I have not been aware of the networks, it is because, like all human beings, I have had my tests. I don’t like acting or pretending to be happy, or that everything is perfect. I am a human being too, fragile and vulnerable, perhaps more than some of you. Thanks to those who have been connected, but now I’m not for this “said the Colombian.

With this, the singer announced that he is going through a strong episode of depression and anxiety. However, our allies from Tell me what you know they talked to his dad, Don Álvaro Osorio, who when asked if something specific had unleashed this crisis, answered that “This problem with your son is cyclical”. He assured that, for many years these episodes have come and gone but that he is fine in terms of his career and personal life. In fact, he claimed that his girlfriend, the model Valentina Ferrer, he meets him and is on the lookout for everything the singer needs.

Don Álvaro He also said that this has inspired him to compose and even came to compare it with Beethoven, who went through very important depressive pictures. Reminded him of Lucho BorregoThursday is a personal friend of the family that these are chemical imbalances and that they can be controlled.

There is no doubt that the artist is having a very hard time, but that his family and especially his fans represent great support for him and that is why he decided to open up to them. His father recently left him a very heartfelt message on social media: “I love you, son of my soul. A whole day will pass “.

There’s no doubt J Balvin You have all the support you need to get ahead in the middle of this situation.

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