Horror night in Quebec: identity of injured victims revealed

The identity of four of the five victims injured by the saber murderer on Saturday night in Old Quebec was made public Thursday morning at the Quebec City courthouse.

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They are Rémy Bélanger, 37, Gilberto Porras, 19, as well as Lisa Mahmoud, 24 and Pierre Lagrevol, 26, two French nationals.

Lisa Mahmoud and Pierre Lagrevol were injured in the massacre in Quebec.

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Lisa Mahmoud and Pierre Lagrevol were injured in the Quebec massacre.

According to our information, Lisa Mahmoud, 24, is still in hospital, five days after the tragedy.

The young woman who has posted several photos and videos of her condition on social networks since the tragic events says she is living the “darkest and most painful period” of her life.

The most “dark and painful” period of my life

“Please know that I am moved by all the love you are trying to convey to me. I am currently living through the darkest and most painful period of my life. I never would have thought I was going through this. I was the victim of an attempted saber murder, received several blows … But thank goodness I’m still alive, “she wrote on Wednesday.

She also said she was “extremely shocked” by this “more than barbaric” attack.

During a brief exchange with The newspaper, the victim said she was due for a third operation on Thursday.

Events feed

Through her posts, she briefly traces the events of Halloween night as she went out “to take pictures in the [quartier Petit] Champlain ”with his best friend, Pierre Lagrevol.

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She reports that she was in this area shortly after 10 p.m. The two French nationals would then have moved towards the Château Frontenac, where they would have been attacked around 10:35 p.m., according to her. “We were on the way back home,” describes the young woman, specifying the time of the attack, still on social media.

His friend, Pierre Lagrevol, 26, who was accompanying him, also reported the facts on social media on Thursday. “We were going to take pictures at little Champlain, we came across this madman who assaulted me and my best friend, we managed to escape, others were not so lucky. Now it’s time for us to physically rebuild ourselves [et] mentally! Thank you for the support and we are well surrounded, thank you! ” he writes.

Pierre Lagrevol, injured in the massacre in Quebec.

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Pierre Lagrevol, injured in the massacre in Quebec.

Joined by The newspaper Thursday, Joane Hétu, director of Ambiances Magnétiques, the record label of the victim Rémy Bélanger, declined to comment. The 37-year-old improviser cellist, who works under the artist name “Rémy Bélanger de Beauport”, was reportedly transported by ambulance to a Montreal hospital on Saturday, where he remains.

Remy Belanger

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Remy Belanger

Recall that Suzanne Clermont, 61, and François Duchesne, 56, lost their lives after being attacked by the alleged murderer Carl Girouard on Saturday night.

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