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The Democrat Joe Biden he will have to deal like no other with America’s racial tensions if he wins the presidency.

The results of the general election once again displayed the United States systemic racism. Those who were waiting for a referendum on the racist policies of President Donald Trump were left with the kinks made when they saw that there was not the much longed for “blue wave.”

Biden leads the vote count with 253 polling stations in the absence of a decision on five states where the vote is divided. The candidate who gets 270 votes from the electoral college will be the winner.

Exit surveys revealed that Trump increased his vote among Latinos and African Americans despite his anti-immigrant rhetoric and attacks on movements like Black Lives Matter. That is not to say that his campaign was not driven by racist motivations within the electorate.

In 2019, the author and university professor Eddie Glaude explained that Trump is a manifestation of the American people in an intervention on MSNBC that is worth remembering while waiting for the final results of the elections.

[Los estadounidenses] we are not unique in our demonsSaid Glaude, who is African American. “Where we may be unique is our refusal to acknowledge them [los demonios], the legends and myths that we create about our inherited goodness to hide, cover up and hide our deliberate ignorance that protects our innocence ”.

The author recalled the tea party movement, a right-wing group that gained ground within the Republican party during the government of Barack Obama.

“The analysts [de los medios] they referred to them as economics populists, we said it was “not about race,” but social scientists already wrote that what mobilized the Tea Party were the anxieties caused by population changes, people who saw that the country was changing, that the country no longer felt like a white nation ”.

Those fears are still present and will not end overnight. Nor should they be awarded only to whites since Latinos and other immigrant communities they also have skin color as a variable when considering their vote. Media reports on the Latino vote showed that many of the members of this minority tend to prefer the speech of “Law and order” promoted by leaders like Trumpo over and above demands for racial justice.

“It’s easy to blame Trump for what happened in El Paso in CharlottesvilleBut this is us, ”said Glaude. “Either we change or this will continue to happen, children will continue to grow up without fathers or mothers as we try to convince whites to embrace a story that liberates them from what it is to be white.”

Glaude later commented on his Twitter that when he spoke of white he was referring to being “white as a moral choice.”

Will progress be made on this issue for 2024?



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