Christine McGuinness says being naked helps her sleep as she talks insomnia


Christine McGuinness has opened up about her battle with insomnia as she revealed what helps her drift off.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, 32, spoke candidly about how she has struggled with sleep since her teenage years, admitting that sometimes she gets as little as two hours rest a night.

She took to her Instragram account on Wednesday night to share a picture of herself completely naked as she sat on her bed with her back to the camera.

In the post she explained that she has to be completely naked when she goes to bed to help her sleep, and also uses CBD oil to make her sleepy.

Christine wrote: ” Let’s talk insomnia… I’ve struggled with sleep since my teenage years, it’s totally normal for me to have between 2-5 hrs sleep.

Christine McGuinness has opened up about her battle with insomnia

“I’m not trying to ‘fix’ this as it’s just a part of my life now and there are times that I love being awake through the night… it’s the only time I get to myself, but I am looking for tips on how to switch off for those nights that I really need sleep!

“For me, there are so many reasons that I don’t sleep, reasons that I can’t do anything about so that’s why I’m not trying to fix it I just want to help reduce it if that makes sense!. I would like to relax if/when I can.”

Christine, who is married to Paddy McGuinness, said she has tried several things to help cure her insomnia, including CBD gummy sweets.

She sometimes she gets as little as two hours rest a night

She doesn’t like lavender and doesn’t want to use sleeping tablets in case her children need her in the night and she doesn’t wake up.

The TV star continued: “I just can’t wear pjs, or anything at all to sleep but I need a quilt whatever the weather.

“I don’t watch TV, I’m a televerian! (I totally just made that word up but basically I very rarely watch TV).

Christine and her husband Paddy McGuinness

Christine’s children Leo, Felicity and Penelope

“I struggle to read books because I can’t stay focused any more than one sentence and I try to stay off my phone in the evening.

“I’m also Ttotal, have been for 13 years so a cheeky vodka is a no no! But my mind just loves to party all night!”

She asked her followers for their advice and ended the post with the hashtags #Insomnia #icantGetNoSleep #CBD #OverThinker #SleepDisorder #ExhaustedMummy.


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