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Carolina Sandoval opens her gown, shows her dental floss and Marko tells her that “That’s great” | The NY Journal

Carolina Sandoval.

Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

The Venezuelan Carolina sandoval had a late night that has probably been one of the funniest since leaving the show Telemundo, Tell me what you know. In addition to the funny occurrences of “La Venenosa”, the journalist invited the influencer well-known Venezuelan Marko and the “Live” almost exploded with this pair together.

The Venezuelan began with a bathrobe but suddenly opened it, surprised with a bikini that turned into dental floss from behind and asked Marko if she had the body of a “Blessed and lucky”. Marko He saw her and without hesitation said: “That is divine. Carolina Sandoval is hot … “ and added that the television host “It is great and that everything great is beautiful ”.

They also danced, laughed and talked about the importance of social networks, especially what they have meant in the lives and careers of each one. On this occasion, the Instagram broke out in the comment section. The compatriots of both expressed great pride in these two artists who today are known in Latin America precisely because of its occurrences.

Remember that Marko He is one of the most important social media influencers and comedians in Hispanic entertainment. All his live shows always sell out the tickets and on top of that he is committed to social causes in his country. Through his fame, he has raised his voice to echo and manage to provide medical care and food to many children who live in need in his native country, Venezuela.

There is no doubt that this pair not only gave their fans a good night, but they are a source of pride for many of the Latinos for the talent they have and for the good hearts they have shown. Same day but earlier “The Poisonous” posted another video with Framework which also made fans of both laugh out loud.


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