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With some ardent cacheteros, Carolina Sandoval affirmed that she “cleaned floors” when she arrived in the United States | The NY Journal

To the Venezuelan presenter Carolina sandoval The critics rained on him, but this time more positive than negative. During the transmission of one of his “Live” She appeared with very short shorts and a top that lifted her bust and left her abdomen in view. Of course, she wore one of her wigs, but this time blonde and wavy.

The video you posted on your account Instagram the ex-host of the show business program Telemundo “Tell me what you know”, she spoke with her husband Nick hernandez and another guest of the emotion that he feels whenever there are choices. He insisted that one “You must choose the leaders with whom you identify and with whom you offer more opportunities to citizens.”

In addition, she took the opportunity to tell that she, like many of the immigrants who come to United States, he did not have a life of fame and luxury but he touched “Cleaning floors, attending stores, cleaning windows and many other things” that have helped her to be the upright and professional woman that she is today.

There’s no doubt “The Poisonous” continues to promote her career through digital formats and that has further consolidated her as an influencer.


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