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Through the years, cleaning the jeans it became a debate that has not yet found its final conclusion. Some believe that its entry into the washing machine will depend on the number of times it is used, others say that to remove odors the most appropriate thing is to place them in the freezer, while there are those who say that they should never be washed.

Among those who hold that last theory stands out Chip Bergh. The CEO of the famous brand Levi’s suggested that jeans should never be washed. In fact, he himself assured that he does not do it because they are spent, according to an article on the Spanish portal The Economist.

The businessman argues that, by not washing them, the jeans will always be like the first day and, above all, that the more detergent you use, the worse it will be for the environment.

“We learned that an average pair of jeans consume approximately 3,500 liters of water, and that is after only 2 years of use, washing them once a week,” Bergh wrote on his Linkedin in a post titled “The Dirty Jeans Manifesto.” And he added: “Almost half of the total water consumption -1,600 liters- represents washing, that is equivalent to 6,700 glasses of drinking water!”

In the same vein, Tommy Hilfiger, founder of the American multinational company that bears his name and is dedicated to clothing design, said that he never washes his jeans. Meanwhile, the Hiut Denim website states that “it is better to leave the denim (the fabric of the pants) raw for 6 months before washing it.” “The longer you leave it, the better your jeans will look,” he noted.

The freezer as an alternative to washing

In addition to other intermediate positions such as those of David Ruiz Busqueta – Desigual Woman’s Denim Manager – who advises washing jeans only when they are really dirty with significant stains, another alternative also appears: the freezer.

In that sense, Jac Cameron, creative director and co-founder of AYR, a fashion company for women, opined: “The benefit of the freezer preserves the tone and shape while the bacteria are effectively eliminated thanks to the cold.”

The designer explained to the fashion magazine Who What Wear who folds his jeans, puts them in a plastic bag, and puts them in the freezer overnight to keep them perfect. “This kills bacteria without losing the shape and color of the denim. The process does not remove visible stains, it only removes odors that the garment may have, ”he explained.

Likewise, Jill Guenza, the vice president of women’s design at the Levi’s brand, told Ella magazine that once a month she puts her pants in the freezer to prevent them from smelling bad.



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