The Kardashian’s mom talked about how her only son, Rob Kardashian, is currently doing | The NY Journal

The matriarch of the clan Kardashian, Kris jenner, has dedicated a good part of his last interview to praise his son Rob kardashian, who seems to have definitively solved her emotional problems and also those linked to her traditional overweight, with regard to her gifts and abilities as the father of the little girl. Dream renée, three years old and the result of his extinct relationship with the stripper Blac Chyna.

“He’s very good, very good, a phenomenal father. His daughter, Dream, is a sweetheart and he couldn’t be more in love with her. He is a great father and that is quite an achievement, because nobody is perfect and you never know what will happen to your children. But his is natural, he is a really wonderful father “, said the ex-wife of Caitlyn jenner in conversation with the podcast ‘Pretty Messed Up’.

The also designer of socks recently returned to the small screen, specifically to the ‘reality’ of his mediatic family, on the occasion of the celebrations for his sister’s 40th birthday Kim, making clear, among other things, the optimism and joy with which he faces his parental responsibilities today and the good relationship he maintains with his mother and sisters.

“Rob is going through one of his best personal moments, he hasn’t been this good in years. He is highly motivated with his workouts, he eats healthier than ever and all of this has resulted in very positive results. He is more cheerful and participative in the family, and you can see that he is very excited about his future projects “, explained a source from his environment a few days ago.


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