The day that Yadhira Carrillo refused to become the new Salma Hayek | The NY Journal

Yadhira Carrillo.

Angel Delgado / Reform Agency

“I was very young and did not speak English well”, so he remembers Yadhira Carrillo the day you turned down a job offer from the director Robert Rodriguez.

The Mexican actress confessed in statements to Televisa’s “Hoy” that after Rodríguez promoted Salma Hayek’s career in the United States, she put her eye on her.

Carrillo was having a great time in Mexican telenovelas in the 90s and chose to turn down the opportunity.

“Ernesto Alonso told me that he could not record at the same time,” he said.

Carrillo made a career in the Mexican national arena, while Salma Hayek became one of the greatest stars in Mexican history.

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