More than 70 percent of supermarket workers with COVID-19 have no symptoms | The NY Journal

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, going to a store to buy groceries has become an essential outlet; however, there are many safety factors to avoid contagion that must be taken into account, such as wearing masks and using antibacterial gel frequently.

In addition, an investigation revealed that 20 percent of supermarket workers can have COVID-19, and worse, more than 70 percent have no symptoms, so they could be a “significant transmission source” without knowing it.

Researchers from Harvard University, Boston University, and National Taiwan Cheng Kung University, Tested 104 Boston Grocery Store Employees for Coronavirus. Of them, 21 percent tested positive, but 76 percent were asymptomatic.

Once essential workers become infected with SARS-CoV-2, they can become a significant source of transmission for the community they serve, ”the experts warn.

These data are worrying because 90 percent of workers with COVID-19 were in positions where they had direct contact with customers. In addition, the study indicates that employees with supervisory positions, who must have contact with colleagues or clients, are more exposed to the disease.

The research, published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, also explored the psychological effects of the pandemic on this sector of workers considered essential. Employees reported feeling anxious about maintaining a constant social distance during their workday and that using public transportation or carpooling to go to work or home causes stress and depression.

So the next time you visit a grocery store, take extra precautions to protect yourself from contagion and to protect others.


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