Jay Soni: Lockdown has taught me not to be choosy with work


Like all industries, the entertainment industry, too, was in a complete shutdown mode during the lockdown, hence putting a lot of financial strain on everyone, including actors. Jay Soni, who has been away from the small screen for the past three years, admits that this period has been quite a learning for him as well.

“I accepted after lockdown that things have changed completely now. I’m not being choosy anymore. Now whatever will come my way, I’ll just pick it up. Now reality has hit. You can’t live in your dream world and think, ‘Agar yeh role nahi mila toh main dus saal tak kaam nahi karunga, aisa nahi ho sakta’. I gave it a shot and now whatever will come my way, I’ll work now. What happens is gaadi padi padi zang lag jaati hai. I accept it,” shares Soni, who has been a part of hit TV shows such as Sasural Genda Phool, Sanskaar – Dharohar Apno Ki and Bhaag Bakool Bhaag.

Talking about his long absence , the 33-year-old says he didn’t take up the roles coming his way because as an actor he felt the need to keep giving something new to the audience. He also adds that he was bored of his look as well, which is why he worked on his body all this while.

“Main thoda bore bhi ho gaya tha with the same roles as the good boy. I had the same look. So, I thought let me change and transform. Also, the kind of things that were coming my way, I wasn’t not happy with them. I’m a gambler and risk taker, so I decided that I’ll take the risk to take a break and work on myself and do something that I want to. I’ve come to this profession for my passion, agar gujarati aadmi ko dhandha hi karna hai toh kahi aur kar lo, yeh toh passion hai mera,” he explains.

And now fully transformed and full of energy, Soni is gung ho about his upcoming ventures, which includes a web series, Twisted season 3.


“I am open to everything films, TV, OTTs and commercials. TV also is changing and getting all the real stuff. Everyone has to adjust to this now, there is no other option. But if given a chance I will prefer doing an OTT as there is a lot of liberty. As an actor, you get to play edgy roles. In Twisted 3, for the first time I did kissing scenes and intimate scenes. People will see a different Jay,” he concludes.


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