Aracely Arámbula would start a new legal battle against Luis Miguel | The NY Journal


It has been several years since Aracely Arambula divorced from Luis MiguelBut the resentments seem not to have ended.

According to a report by “Today” from Televisa, the “Chule” is in talks with the lawyer Guillermo Pous and you could legally charge the father of your children again for support.

Pous is the lawyer of the stars and handles famous cases such as the inheritance of Juan Gabriel and the lawsuit of Aída Cuevas with his brother.

It should be remembered that the Chihuahuan has always complained that the “Sun” is an absent father and does not help her two children financially.

Another thorny issue is Aracely’s warning that Luis Miguel does not involve her in his bioseries, which is already preparing the second season on Netflix. She would be willing to go to law if that happens.

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