Trump narrowly wins in America’s most Latino county. He lost it in 2016 | The NY Journal


Trump narrowly wins in America's most Latino county. He lost it in 2016

Trump won a lot of the Latino vote.


An electoral mystery.

President Donald Trump narrowly claimed a victory in the county that is considered the most Latino in the United States and lost in 2016.

Follow here the results of the elections between Biden and Trump

With 98% of the vote, Biden won in Starr County, Texas, with 9,099 votes 52.1% while Trump obtained 8.224%.

The problem is that Trump barely had 18.94% while his rival Hillary Clinton won the county with 79.12%. There is no clear explanation for how Trump regained so much ground in four years.

Starr County is 96% Latino in its population. It is also one of the poorest since 50.90% of the population lives below the poverty line.

The answer to the change will take a few days to be known, but what happened in the county is one of the mysteries of election day. Some people recalled that this is a border county, with no “Cubans or Venezuelans,” so Trump’s anti-socialist rhetoric cannot be blamed.



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