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Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas Y Wisconsin, They are the states that could determine the presidential election, where the Latino vote has an important influence.

In Arizona, Florida and Texas, the Latino vote is critical to tip the balance in favor of the president Donald trump or his challenger, the former vice president Joe biden.

In the other entities, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin have fewer eligible Latino voters than the 32 million who can participate in the election nationwide, but experts, such as Jens Manuel Krogstad, analyst and editor of the Pew Research Center on trends about this community.

“For the key states for the election, they are Pennsylvania with 500,000 Latinos to vote, in Michigan more than 250,000 and Wisconsin there are more than 180,000,” said Krogstad. “Yes they can be important in elections, those three states were decided by less than 78,000 votes”.

In Pennsylvania, former Vice President Biden leads 3-7 percentage points before President Trump; in Florida the difference is smaller, between 2 and 4 points of difference, but considering the 2-3 points of the polling error that leaves the applicants practically tied, according to the counts of Real Clear Politics, which integrates all surveys.

The same scenario is seen in North Carolina and Arizona, which leads the Democrat with 2 percentage points, while in Wisconsin it rises with 8 percentage points in some polls.

In Georgia, President Trump maintains a 2-point lead, but we return to the tie scenario considering the margin of error in polls.

The Latino vote is expected to be no more than 55%, although there could be a surprise with respect to other elections, due to the campaigns carried out by both candidates for both communities.

The recent survey of Telemundo marked that Biden would obtain more than 60% of the Latino vote against 29% of President Trump, but other polls even expect the Republican to win 40% of the support of this community.



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