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A woman told on TikTok the curious way in which she discovered that her partner was unfaithful to her. In a video that went viral in the last few hours, Sydney Kinsch revealed that it was thanks to a detail in a photo that she realized that her boyfriend was dating someone else. For the extravagant revelation of the woman, the clip amassed 1.3 million likes in just 2 days.

As he later learned, for a month her boyfriend had been dating another woman. How did you find out? In a selfie that he sent to Sydney, there was a detail that revealed more than he expected: in the reflection of his sunglasses you can see two woman’s legs, crossed, in the same car in which he is traveling.


check the reflection in your boyfriend’s sunnies ladies ✨ #fyp

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“Look at the reflection in your boyfriend’s glasses” is the title of the video that received thousands of comments in a matter of hours. Most wanted to know what happened after its discovery.

“I called him up and asked him if he noticed a woman sent me on his Snapchat and he had no idea,” she recounted. “So I sent it to her and she said she was crazy and that she was a friend’s girlfriend,” he added. In addition, the woman said that it was from that detail that she discovered that her boyfriend had been unfaithful to her with 5 other people.



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