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Francisca Lachapel confirms that she has COVID-19 and leaves ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’

Francisca Lachapel.

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From his house, and between tears, Francisca lachapel reported in ‘Wake up America’, which tested positive for COVID-19 and that consequently leaves ‘Your face is familiar to me’.

“To move on from following all the security protocols, unfortunately the COVID arrived at my house and I cry because I will not be able to continue in the show, because obviously for the production the health of us and all the security of those who work in the team is the most important thing. Also due to the production calendar, I cannot continue in the competition “, I explain to the surprise of Karla Martinez, Alan Tacher, Raul Gonzalez Y Carlos Calderon.

“Although physically I do not feel so bad, I can not continue … And I do not have COVID”said Francisca crying, who thanked the public for the support of this short stay at the show on Sundays in Univision.

About how she feels, Francisca assured that she has mild symptoms, back pain, discomfort, that the night was uncomfortable. The beloved Dominican received the support of all her colleagues, especially Karla and Alan, who have already gone through the disease and gave her confidence, they told her not to worry and that the most important thing was not to be afraid, and to have a lot of faith.

Francisca is the fifth case of coronavirus contagion, in ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’. Remember that just two weeks after being on the air, four of the eight celebrities tested positive for COVID-19. Melina León, in the test that was done on the day of the recording of the second gala, gave positive. The first week the same thing happened with Llane. Sandra Echeverría followed, and two days later Chantal Andere. Now Francisca is added, who is the only one, of all those infected, she was the only one separated from the show.

Recall that the program was suspended for three weeks, and Univision announced that this coming Sunday it would return. However, this morning Francisca gave this sad news, and he announced his departure from the show so as not to continue delaying the agenda.




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