Chrissy Teigen fears ‘death or becoming a handsmaid’ if Trump wins US election


Chrissy Teigen has painted a bleak future for the United States if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election, as she shared her fears on social media.

The 34-year-old model had joined her husband John Legend on stage on Monday, where she helped campaign for Joe Biden’s Democrats but after polls closed on Tuesday, she was in not such a joyous mood.

Chrissy took to Twitter to set out her “fears” if the controversial Republican president was to win a second term in office.

She has compared a future under Trump to that in Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed The Handsmaid’s Tale, which was made into an award winning TV series.

The story portrayed women as subservient to their male ‘masters’ and are used as a means to an end and not having any say in how the county is run.

With Trump beginning to surge as the results of the election started filtering in across the United States, Chrissy took to Twitter as she compared what those who opposed him have to lose against what Republican supporters would lose if Biden won.

She tweeted: “It’s insane what *our* fears are if we lose, compared to their fears if Biden wins. like we will prob all die or be handmaids and they’re worried about bathroom safety.”

Chrissy Teigen with husband John Legend

She followed this up with an idea to help curb the spread of coronavirus, which has been a problem in the United States.

Chrissy tweeted: “idea – covid morning after pill. Like when that random a** person you barely know gets too close and you’re like hello please get the f*** away. Also a vaccine yes.”

The model has been through a traumatic personal tragedy in the past couple of months when she lost her baby boy with John Legend, just over halfway through her pregnancy.

She has only returned to social media in the past week and this was reflected in some heartfelt replies to her tweet from her fans.

One wrote: “Lord knows with everything you’ve gone through, you deserved time away. But I hope you know how much your humor and presence on here has been missed and how much your return is welcomed and appreciated!”

This touched Chrissy, who quickly replied to the fan: “That is so kind. I appreciate it so much.”

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