California Corn Seller Teased and Harassed by African American Youth | The NY Journal


In social networks a video has caused outrage that was shared a few days ago and that was taken on the streets of Long Beach, California.

At you see a group of African American teenagers, Who They approach a man who sells corn and corn husks on the street, and they start harassing and making fun of him, for no reason.

Apparently, the young people had deceived the seller, making him believe that they would buy some of his products but all they did was take out their phones, record it and make fun of his tools and work utensils, telling him that his cooler is “dirty and unpleasant”.

Realizing that what was done by the young people was an act of discrimination, the seller ends up emptying the skis that he had already put in a Styrofoam glass into his cooler, while the young people leave the place with outrageous laughter.

The video immediately caused outrage and several negative comments against the young people who carried out such a cruel act.



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