Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan says she isn’t ‘bothered by what people say’, doesn’t want advice on how to handle depression

Actor Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, has said that she doesn’t get bothered by what people have to say, since she makes it a point to give others the benefit of the doubt. Ira recently revealed in a social media post that she is clinically depressed, and intends to make informative videos about her story.

In her latest post, she spoke about creating a safe space for people to ‘ask questions’, and said that she isn’t looking for advice on how to handle her condition, since she has doctors and a support system for that already. She added, “I don’t really get bothered by what people say, in the sense that, from before and now, after my depression, I give people the benefit of the doubt. A lot of people say things that they don’t mean, sometimes because they don’t know. And I find that only when you create a safe space for people to ask the questions that they want to ask, to contradict you when you say something, to see why you’re saying what you’re saying… is when you get somewhere.”


Promising that she will read everyone’s comments and attempt to create a safe space for them, Ira added, “So I want to be not defensive about questions and opinions or things that you might have to say.”

She captioned her post, “Thank you for all the encouraging comments but let’s discuss. Tell me what you agree with, what you disagree with, what your opinions are. As long as you aren’t trying to hurt someone, let’s ask the inaskable, the weird, the uncomfortable or the obvious. No judgement.”

On World Mental Health Day in October, Ira said in an Instagram post that she was clinically depressed. “A lot has been going on, a lot of people have a lot to say. Things are really confusing and stressful and simple and okay but not okay and… life all together,” she said. “There’s no way to say it all in one go. But I’d like to think I’ve figured some stuff out, or at least figured out how to make it slightly more understandable. About mental health and mental ill-health. So come with me on this journey… in my awkward, quirky, sometimes-baby-voice-y, as-honest-as-I-can-be… way. Let’s start a conversation. Happy World Mental Health Day.”

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Actor Kangana Ranaut, commenting on Ira’s statement, had implied that her condition was due to the divorce of her parents. “At 16 I was facing physical assault, was single handedly taking care of my sister who was burnt with acid and also facing media wrath, there can be many reasons for depression but it’s generally difficult for broken families children, traditional family system is very important,” Kangana wrote while sharing Ira’s video.

Rejecting this idea, Ira said in a recent video, “When I was small, my parents got divorced. But that didn’t seem like something that would traumatise me because my parents’ divorce was amicable. They are friends, the whole family is still friends. We are not a broken family by any means.”

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