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Why Costco puts the best-selling products in the middle of the store

The store wants you to spend more money while you’re here.

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If you have been to Costco many times, you may have already noticed that the products with the best prices, usually, They are accommodated in the center part of the store. Therefore, many recommend going to this area to save more money.

When logging into Costco, customers typically first see the bargain televisions as well as the computers. Things where people are unlikely to buy on impulse.

On the other hand, fresh food, which is basic, is at the opposite end of the store, what makes the buyer go from end to end throughout the premises. This causes people to go through the middle of the store, where there are a lot of discounted items.

What Costco wants to do by putting these heavily discounted items in the middle of the store is for people to buy them on impulse.. That is, take many of those items, even if you did not plan to do so, as reported in Mashed.

So you know, the store will do everything possible to prevent you from only going for the thing you are looking for and leaving, because it will try to retain you as long as it can, knowing that this will increase the chances that you will spend more money on each visit.

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