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Vote for our fight

Election day in NYC.

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We are essential workers and part of the workforce that sustains the economy of this country. In 2020, in addition to the pandemic, we are experiencing multiple crises that have us living on the brink of poverty and despair.

Even though this country refuses to acknowledge our humanity, we continue to do our best unconditionally. We have been in this country for more than four decades, working to provide a more dignified life for our children. Whether it is building houses, delivering food or cleaning apartments, we are contributing the most valuable that we have, our workforce.

Although we are NOT only here to work, but also to fight for the rights of all. We are workers and leading members of the Labor Justice Project, a community organization with more than 3,000 members willing to build power and unify the struggles against racism, poverty and inequality. It is time for the rich to pay for the crisis!

Although we do not have the privilege of voting, we are willing to be in the front line of this fight from the streets. Today we need you to be heard from the polls with your vote. According to the PEW Research Center, for these elections, there are 32 million Latinos who can go out to vote.

Your vote is our power and our hope to continue fighting against hatred, racism and criminalization of our communities. These elections are as important as continuing to organize from our neighborhoods and our jobs.

We are going to vote because those from above are not going to fight for us in this crisis. We are going to continue organizing to defend the rights we have won and achieve justice and dignity for working people.

Vote for us, the 11 million who cannot vote and join the fight for the following:

1. Raise the minimum wage to $ 25 across the United States.

2. Guarantee economic relief for all communities affected by COVID-19 and health insurance for families, regardless of our immigration status.

3. Achieve immigration relief for the 11 million immigrant and essential workers who build this country.

4. Guarantee labor protections for all workers, including farm workers and domestic workers.

5. Dismantle the Immigration and Customs Office (ICE) and defund the police to stop police violence and the criminalization of our communities.

These are just some of the demands of our struggle and the first steps we can take together to build a better future for our grandchildren. Vote for our fight!

Vicente Romano and Anel Cantor are essential workers and lead members of the Labor Justice Project, a membership-based community organization that educates, organizes and fights to improve the working conditions and quality of life of the Latino immigrant community in New York City. . In response to the Coronavirus crisis and because thousands of immigrant workers are excluded, the Labor Justice Project continues to provide essential services to the membership and the working community during the pandemic..



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