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Roger Federer does not stop making history. This Monday was established as the tennis player with the most weeks in the Top 20 of the ATP ranking.

Swiss is the first in history to reach 1,000 weeks consecutive to stay within the top 20 in the world.

They may be said easy, but since April 2001, that is, For 19 and a half years, the tennis player has not ceased to belong to the elite of the top 20.

It should be mentioned that Federer is the only tennis player who has achieved such a feat and that his brand does not contemplate the weeks that this sport stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, otherwise, it would have already exceeded it widely.

As you might imagine, the Swiss also leads other related areas: the player with the most weeks in the Top 50 (1,049) and the player with the most weeks in the Top 100 (1,080), for example.

At the moment, he is recovering from two surgeries on his right knee, but if all goes well, his return

Roger Federer has spent more weeks than anyone else in the ATP Top 20.

This would take place in January 2021, at the Australian Open.



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