Niurka Marcos drew all her weapons and again attacked the newly married Ninel Conde The NY Journal

As is customary, the Cuban starlet Niurka Marcos issued opinions regarding the wedding between Ninel Conde and his new and recent love, Larry Ramos. Initially he talked about the location that the couple chose to seal their love “Before God”.

“Oh, but this girl! … who can think of marrying in a museum, no madr **”, said Niurka about the cancellation of the wedding in the Ball House Museum. Precisely, a reporter who was nearby said that surely Ninel “A statue is created” and the Cuban responded mercilessly: “Or a mummy”.

As for the boyfriend, or rather, husband of Ninel Conde, He stated that he would not think of him: “I’m not talking about him because I’m not fucking him *****. He is handsome, let’s not get hung up on ****, the courteous does not take away the bravery, the guy is handsome “. Total that, once again Niurka Marcos he lashed out with all weapons against his eternal rival, Ninel Conde.

Here we leave the statements of the singer and dancer thanks to our friends from A new day for you to draw your own conclusions.


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