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New York anticipates crucial hours due to electoral tension amid spike in COVID-19 cases

This Tuesday when the last day of the 2020 Elections is held, the compass of demonstrations in NYC opens.

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With the “good news” that 1,119,056 people participated in the event early voting in New York City and on the edge of moments of tension Given the projection that the results of the 2020 Elections will not be announced this Tuesday, the authorities of the Big Apple have drawn three broad lines for this historic day: redouble efforts to assist voters, call for calm and keep protecting the city of COVID-19.

“The results of these elections will not necessarily be clear at the close of the polls and it may not even be clear this Wednesday, ”Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

The presidential elections in the city are surrounded not only by uncertainty due to the delay of the results, which could be the “Dynamite” that detonates a sequence of protests in the city, but because of the challenge of keeping the pandemic at bay, with a clear upward trend in the city’s ‘red zones’.

The rise in the rate of coronavirus infection in the Big Apple is kept “under minute by minute observation”. Although, for now, there is no imminent risk of new closings.

In the last hours they were confirmed 593 patients, when for weeks the cases had been reduced below 500, which translates into an average infection of 2.08%, in the period of the last 7 days.

In the ‘Hot areas’ of Brooklyn and Far Rockaway the level of positivity tends to grow.

Likewise, Governor Andrew Cuomo warned that the state is in “maximum alert” because of the way in which infections are spreading throughout the country.

“New York is in the midst of a sea of ​​division and a national surge in COVID-19. We should be even more diligent, because the virus spreads across state lines and we are in the holiday season, “he warned.

The City looks for ways to facilitate voting this Tuesday after the large turnout in early voting. (Photo: Fernando Martínez)

Consultation in public schools begins

The Mayor associated the rise in statistics with the mass testing efforts in all five boroughs, but warned that this does not mean that for example school activities are at risk. Rather, it encouraged parents to participate in the online survey that gives families the alternative to change. from distance class model to hybrid, a process that started this Monday and ends on November 15.

“The elections express what the priorities of the communities are. And here, like nowhere else in the country, we value public education, that’s why we moved mountains to open schools. We are off to a good start. Now amid the certainty that classrooms can be safely returned to, we give the option to more families to switch to the combined model“Said the president.

Support for voters redoubled

Sarah Sayeed, president of the Civic Participation Commission of the City of New York, explained that for this Tuesday they are fine-tuning several strategies to disseminate key information on people’s rights, so that the suffrage experience is not limited, under no circumstances.

“We are deeply inspired that more than 1 million people voted early in the Big Apple. And for those who have not done so, we help them to fulfill this commitment, ”said Sayeed.

Through public service announcements in 12 languages on digital platforms, limited English voters to bring a friend or family member to act as an interpreter. Both of you just need to sign a form at the voting site.

To find out if the commission will offer language services specifically at your polling place, check This page is available in 12 languages, including Spanish.

COVID-19 in NY

  • 1.17% to 3.4% growth in the positive rate of infections is confirmed in the last three days in Far Rockaway in Queens.
  • 4, .25% to 5.05% was the jump in cases in the Brooklyn hot spots.
  • 2.88% to 2.77% was the smallest decrease in infection rate at Kew Gardens.



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