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This Monday the Day of the Dead, a millenary tradition that consists of placing altars decorated with flowers, food and sugar skulls to remember those who have passed away, and are proud of the culture of their country, Angela Aguilar has decided to share with the public what she made.

Through her YouTube channel, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter published a video with which she explained step by step the elements that she was placing in her offering and the meaning of each one of them, such as the marigold and the candles, as well as a sculpture and a photograph of his paternal grandfather, Don Antonio Aguilar.

“The Day of the Dead is one of my favorite dates. We are going to decorate an altar, I am also going to be making some desserts and preparing everything. Leonardo made me an arch with sugar cane to put flowers on and I made the confetti by hand. I love the date because instead of mourning death we are celebrating life “Angela said.

Finally and referring to her song “Llorona”, the young singer decided to launch the “Llorona Challenge”, in which she invited her followers to put on makeup as catrines and upload a photo or video to her social networks so that she could see them and share the most original with the iconic background song.

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