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Yanet García boasts her enormous rear with the most sensual witch costume | The opinion

Yanet García.

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Yanet Garcia He delighted the pupil of 13 and a half million followers on Instagram, with whom he showed off the sexiest of his costumes to celebrate Halloween.

The sensual fitness coach set fire to her social profile again, where she shared a sensual photograph in which she posed with her back to the camera to show off her shapely rear.

Casting my spell on you“Was the phrase that accompanied the snapshot.

Wearing a tiny thong, the characteristic witch’s hat and a broom in her hand, the Monterrey woman drove more than 183 thousand users who in just under an hour rated the sensual publication with a red heart. In addition, he managed to gather hundreds of comments in which his fans highlighted how spectacular he looks with this type of clothing that leaves very little to the imagination.

And boy, sensuality and costumes are the best combination, since days before she boasted another snapshot in which she used a fitted black latex suit, with which she became the sexiest Catwoman on the planet.

But this has not been all, since the driver who gained public recognition as the sensual “Weather Girl” shows off her shapely body whenever she has a chance, that’s how she also shared a daring photograph in which she posed lying down bed, wearing a thong and top, garments that once again exposed her voluptuous anatomy.


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